NCN Process

Investment Criteria

NCN targets early-growth stage companies with meaningful revenue traction, high growth potential, and scalable operations that are seeking to raise $1 million to $5 million in Series A financing. Our portfolio companies typically have had annual revenue of $1 million or more when we get involved. On rare occasions we have invested in pre-revenue companies; however, these companies have demonstrated product or service market fit and a quick path to revenue with pre-identified early customers.

Industry / Geography Focus

NCN’s process is designed to leverage the expertise, experience, and relationships of our network of professional investors, many of whom have been entrepreneurs themselves. By leveraging our network, we aim to help our portfolio companies build relevant connections with potential customers and strategic partners. As a result, most of our investments tend to be in healthcare, technology, and/or software where we have a critical mass of expertise within our partnership. The majority of our investments are based in Tennessee, but geography is not necessarily a limitation if the opportunity is highly relevant to our partners’ expertise.

To begin our process please complete the Online Submission Form below:

Online Submission Form
  • Step One

    First complete a short online submission form to provide us with a brief overview of the company. This will be reviewed by NCN’s staff to determine if the company is a fit for NCN’s group of investors.

  • Step Two

    Qualified companies will be asked to submit a brief executive summary or business plan. NCN often provides feedback on business plans submitted for review.

  • Step Three

    NCN arranges for industry – appropriate investors to meet with the company, review the presentation, and provide feedback. Companies that are deemed appropriate will be introduced to lead angel investors within the network.

  • Step Four

    NCN works with lead investors to structure an investment round. Once terms are set, NCN presents the company to its network and funds for investment consideration.