Ampersand Health builds branded primary care team clinics that are designed to improve care and reduce costs. Ampersand partners with health plans to manage care for specific patient populations and shares in both the risk and cost savings.


NextGxDx provides an online genetic testing marketplace that offers healthcare professionals and hospitals the ability to access up-to-date listings of all genetic tests. By providing clinicians with a one-stop-shop to search, compare and order genetic tests, NextGxDx reduces the time and costs associated with the ordering of genetic tests.

Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning builds software that understands human communication in context—in many languages, across many domains, and at enormous scale. This software helps decision-makers cut through the ambiguity in data to reveal what’s really important.


CloudBeds is the low cost, easy-to-implement technology solution tailored for small to mid-sized hotels.  The company arms hotels with do-it-yourself tools to build an attractive online presence, accept online reservations, and reduce unnecessary administrative costs.

Aspire Health

Aspire is an end of life care company specializing in palliative care.  The company partners with insurance plans and hospice providers to provide patients with high quality palliative care at more predictable, lower costs.

SnapShot Interactive

SnapShot Interactive is a digital agency that creates high quality video content, award-winning website design, and creative online marketing strategies.

Unity Physician Partners

Unity Physician Partners manages integrated health homes that provide primary health care services to the behavioral health population. The company partners with existing behavioral health providers to more comprehensively address the care needs of their patient base.


LiveSchool is an education technology company that allows teachers to track classroom behavior, communicate with parents, and manage rewards and incentives through a user-friendly web application.

Complete Holdings Group

Complete Holdings Group was founded to address the complexities and inefficiencies associated with workers’ compensation laws and claims. Its subsidiary, EnableComp, uses a proprietary technology to quickly and precisely navigate state and federal workers’ compensation laws to ensure that healthcare providers are able to maximize their collections.


Tricycle creates innovative products, processes and services that enable sustainable design and merchandising for the flooring, carpet, and other related industries.