Complete Holdings Group

Complete Holdings Group was founded to address the complexities and inefficiencies associated with workers’ compensation laws and claims. Its subsidiary, EnableComp, uses a proprietary technology to quickly and precisely navigate state and federal workers’ compensation laws to ensure that healthcare providers are able to maximize their collections.

Silvercare Solutions

Silvercare Solutions provides on-site continence care services to long-term care facilities. Their Continence Care Program provides facilities with access to the industry leading solution to hard to manage continence issues.

Pathfinder Therapeutics

Pathfinder Therapeutics is a pioneering company in the field of Navigated Abdominal Surgery. By using this technology, surgeons can benefit from the enhanced visionandprecision of their flagship intraoperative liver navigation system.

onFocus Healthcare

onFocus Healthcare is the leading provider of web-based enterprise performance management solutions for the health care services marketplace.

Inova Payroll

Inova Payroll offers a complete line of smart payroll and HR solutions. Inova’s suite of services encompasses one-database payroll and HR solutions, nationwide tax filing, integrated time management systems, and ancillary products.

edō Interactive

edō Interactive markets technologies that leverage pre-existing global, point of sale payments infrastructure and social networking communities for digital marketing purposes.


Continuum was created to participate in the 700 MHz Federal Communications Commission spectrum auction in January 2008. The company acquired spectrum in several markets that has been repurposed by the FCC for mobile, internet and other applications.

Care Team Connect

Care Team Connect was established to create technology platforms that utilize evidence-based best practices to better coordinate care between hospitals, community providers, family members and patients. Care Team Connect’s solutions are designed to optimize clinical and financial performance throughout the continuum of care.