NCN Angel Group & Funds

The NCN Angel Group is Tennessee’s leading angel investor group. NCN Angel Group is a network of private angel investors interested in identifying and supporting promising early-stage companies. NCN complements the experience and domain knowledge of the individuals within the group by identifying and screening opportunities, providing industry and competitive analysis, and assisting in deal structuring and due diligence.

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NCN manages several investment funds including NCN Angel Fund I, NCN Angel Fund II, and Tennessee Angel Fund.

  • NCN Angel Fund I
    NCN Angel Fund I is a $5.2 million fund consisting of 72 angel partners.
  • Tennessee Angel Fund
    Tennessee Angel Fund is a statewide angel co-investment fund launched as part of the TNlnvestco program.
  • NCN Angel Fund II
    NCN Angel Fund II is $11.7 million fund with nearly 100 angel partners.